The fishing has been real good this past week as the crappie are shallow and spawning now so the catching is easy when you find them.  Generally I like shallow bays with weeds on the shoreline to target when chasing spring crappies.  Plastics can work as good as minnows at times, but when their finicky i will tip my plastic with a wax worm to entice them or just use a 1/32 jig with a small fathead minnow. The crappie bit should be real good now for a couple of weeks, depending on the water way.  The shallow dark lakes have started, if your lakes are clear and or deep, you may have to wait another week or two to find the good action.

The real good news is the smallmouth are getting hot.  The season does not open until mid June up here but you can catch and release until then.  I caught over twenty in a couple of hours a few days back, and again this morning found them more than willing to bite.  This is my favorite time of year to fish because of the ease of locating and catching lots of fish and sometimes lots of real good fish.  Smallmouth bass are my personal favorite to catch because they will never go belly up during the fight, just keep digging and digging.  And in another couple of weeks they will get airborne at the end of your line too, if you like that kind of action.

Finally, I caught some nice largemouth the other day throwing frogs and such in the newly emerging lilly pads and thick slop.  Nothing huge yet but the water is not quite warm enough yet.  I will keep on trying with my close combat rods as it is only a matter of time until the 50 fish days start showing up.  Bonus fish include Musky and Northern too at this time of year which I can usually land on my bassing gear as long as they don’t engulf the whole lure and bite me off.  If so, I put on a heavy flourocarbon leader to decrease the likelihood of breaking the line.  This works pretty good without going to a wire leader as that reduces my catch rate on bass too much for my liking.

If you want to get on some of these strong and acrobatic fighters, give me a call at (715) 617-3880.  I’ll take $50 off for a full day and $25 off for a half-day during the week of Memorial Day through June 3rd.  Now go catch some fun yourself.