The ice is finally giving way on some of the smaller lakes.

The forecast for the next ten days is looking warmer than usual so there’s a 50/50 chance right now that many lakes will be ice free just a few days prior to the opener. The rivers are wide open as well as many channels that have a little bit of current.  The big deep lakes will likely be a week behind the little lakes. So that will make for some interesting fishing for the opener with some very good walleye fishing and perch fishing more than likely.

I believe there will still be a lot walleye in the Wisconsin River up here with all the ice and cold.  Female eyes were still being caught last week down in Nekoosa, which is usually 2-3 weeks ahead of us up here.  That will be a good bet for limits and likely some slot fish too, if you don’t mind fishing with a crowd.

Some lakes that are open should also be good for pre-spawn fish as long as they haven’t spawned under the ice.  Fish shallow in likely spawning areas with a jig & minnow or a crankbait.  Some fish will be catchable all day long but the best times will be early morning and sunset.